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Here are some tips for you to use when using YouTube to market your product, service and or business.

1. Create A Branded YouTube Channel

This step is often overlooked by small businesses. Having a YouTube channel gives you the opportunity to showcase your company’s branding with specific colors, information and links to your website and/or relevant social media pages while giving viewers an option to subscribe to your content.


2. Make Sure Your Content Fills a Relevant Need

Give people exactly what they are looking for, while providing them with tips on how to use your content in multiple ways.


3. Create Videos That Are Quick, Simple, Engaging, and Professional

You’re iPhone is completely capable of making a nice YouTube video. It is important to plan an outline and a script prior to making your video. Each video you make should start with a headline, interrupt the viewer, engage the viewer, and then have a call to action. Remember to keep it short and simple.


4. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!

It is important you do everything you can to make your video easily found. Utilize tags and keywords, choose a thumbnail that is enticing so people will want to immediately click and watch your video. The title of your video might be a “how to” and include keywords related to the video and your business; again, making sure your video fills a relevant need.


5. THINK About Adding Cool Features

This can be particularly helpful for a “how to” video so that your viewers can easily take notes and follow along. Not to mention it is a huge asset for hearing impaired viewers. Demonstrate you care. Show you not only want to engage and entertain your viewers but also educate them, try using subtitles if you want.


6. Become A Part Of The YouTube Community

Spend time looking around on YouTube and make “friends.” Visit the competition and see what they are doing well and not doing so well. Engage with others on YouTube and they will in turn engage with you and your brand, which helps spread your information.


7. Share Your Videos in Multiple Places

Video blogs are becoming more and more popular. The possibilities are endless. Share your videos on your website, blog, tweets and Facebook page. This is once again where your thumbnail, tags, title and keywords are important to further encourage interaction with your video and your brand. Videos are effective on Facebook landing pages welcoming people to your brand.


8. You MUST Have A Call To Action

Always include your company’s website address in the video as you want to give the viewers additional reasons to engage with your brand. Other ideas for calls to action might include: offering a contest, discount coupons, or instructional guides.


9. Track Your Channel

YouTube offers free analytics tools that are simple to use, providing you with a quick snapshot look at the results of your video. Using the Insights area, you can track the number of views, the demographics of the viewers, and also how people found your video. Again, these are free to use so don’t miss out on accessing this valuable information when measuring the success of your video.


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