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virtual assistantVirtual Assistant Training with BizPAD is finally here! If you missed the LIVE training here is the replay for you. If you have or are interested in getting a virtual assistant, you need to have BizPAD. It will make a dramatic difference in your productivity and efficiency when training them with an organized system. It can be difficult trying to bring new material to a virtual assistant and keep track of where everything is going while holding them accountable. BizPAD gives you the ability to do all of those things with a simple online inclusive place to keep emails, file uploads, archived data information and so much more. If you have a virtual assistant you need to start using BizPAD!


To get a copy of the virtual assistant template in this training video click HERE and BizPAD will automatically add it to your account!

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  1. jp moses says:

    Hey, guys – thanks so much for this video and for posting the VA template! I’m hiring my first VA right now so this is extremely timely and useful for me.

    QUESTION: You mentioned towards the end of the above video that you would be posting a “YouTube SEO” template to the blog shortly after the video…but I don’t see that template. Have you posted it yet somewhere? I’d love to take a look at it please, if you’d be so kind as to point me to it. And I’m game for any other templates you’ll let us swipe too! Very helpful!

    Thanks again,

    …jp moses

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