Task Management System Holds Your Team Accountable

task management system

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 03, 2012

Virtual assistants are a rapidly growing trend among small business owners and entrepreneurs. A virtual employee saves the company considerable costs: no need for office space, no payroll tax or benefits, and no equipment to maintain. BizPAD, a popular task management system is now assisting employers with easier employee task management and training from anywhere in the world.

Several features including automatic archive, date stamp and file sharing, are quickly gaining traction in the organization of virtual assistants. BizPAD is an all inclusive, cloud-based system that simplifies projects into manageable tasks. BizPAD’s CEO, Greg Writer is excited to help business owners and entrepreneurs maximize there investments in virtual assistants by restructuring the way people communicate and exchange data online.

“In the past we used Skype with our VA’s before BizPAD. I would go back and forth one-hundred times a day looking for what I needed. Now I get all my daily reports from my virtual assistants in on place, and I never have to worry about remembering to record anything for the future,” said Emily Rehm, President of BizPAD.

Another useful tool for managing virtual assistants now includes the copy and paste feature that allows an employer to train one virtual assistant by assigning them to a project with a series of delegated training tasks. Employees can easily read their training tasks, and mark them off as they are compleated; keeping them more accountable with the cloud-based system. The project that can be copied any number of times for new employees, automating the training process as a company grows.

BizPAD is excited to be a part of this growing trend and looks forward to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs organize and manage their virtual assistants more efficiently.

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