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Delete An Item, Folder & Project In BizPAD Project Management Online Software

In this video I share how to delete a item, folder and a project in BizPAD’s project management online software program. BizPAD is the webs simplest project management software program in the cloud. It’s so simple anyone can learn the entire program in approximately 10 minutes.


Create A Business Plan Using BizPAD Project Management

Business plan creation just got a whole lot easier with BizPAD! In this BizPAD video, see how a young 21 year old begins the formation of his business plan and company through our project management software. Whether you are starting a company, wanting to create a business plan or simply looking to find tools on […]


Welcome To BizPAD – Watch This Video 1st

  BizPAD is the ultimate task, project and business management tool ever created to collaborate, keeping you organized like never before. In this video you will discover the unlimited capabilities of BizPAD, explore the various components and tools of BizPAD, and learn how to begin organizing your own projects with BizPAD. Event planning, web site […]


Event Planning Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Event planning is made easy in this BizPAD training video were we explain event planning with BizPAD’s best use practice. Learn how organizing an event with multiple people can be made easier with BizPAD event planning. Break planning an event into manageable tasks that can be assigned to different team members. Discuss plans about the […]


Web Site Creation Best Use Practice | Bizpad

In this video training of BizPAD we describe a “best practice” for using BizPAD to create a new website and/or the pages of a website.  We show in detail how the project was set up, then a folder structure for each page of the website and last the various tasks to complete the pages of […]

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