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BizPAD online project software is marketing event planning tools designed to increase efficiency and productivity

Escondido, CA (March 2, 2012) – BizPAD announces the launch of a marketing campaign designed to redefine how businesses and individuals plan events of all sizes. The project management software is promoting specifically the organizational tools and communication system within the project software that allows team members to communicate about an event, organize materials and collaborate on ideas, all from a web-based system that automatically records and archives each event.

“Event planning can be very time consuming. With BizPAD I save time and energy planning, organizing and delegating tasks to team members. I wouldn’t plan another event without it,” says Emily Rehm, President of BizPAD.

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Event planning has many different components; with that in mind BizPAD’s online project software is consolidating the event planning process into manageable tasks which can be assigned to team members in the office, or around the world. The web-based system facilitates event planning through a single platform, eliminating email and other file sharing systems, promoting the development and execution of planning an event- anytime, anywhere. Increased productivity and efficiency are endorsed by the project software, which hopes to appeal to more businesses and individuals by highlighting this feature in videos, and future speaking events, including CEO Space in Henderson, Nevada later this month.


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  1. I’d like to get additional informaton on BizPAD for our community of project managment professionals. Thanks, Alison

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