Event Planning Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

planning, event planningEvent planning is made easy in this BizPAD training video were we explain event planning with BizPAD’s best use practice. Learn how organizing an event with multiple people can be made easier with BizPAD event planning. Break planning an event into manageable tasks that can be assigned to different team members. Discuss plans about the event with team members anytime and anywhere. Archive an event to save for later use or copy the project for if you are event planning for something similar. The options are limitless with BizPAD, and now event planning is even easier.


Learn how to use BizPAD for web site creation and much more at BizPAD’s Blog.



Web Site Creation Best Use Practice Part 2

web site creationIn this BizPad training video we continue explaining web site creation with best use practice on BIzPAD. Web site creation is made easier by separating complex tasks into smaller manageable lists of related tasks that can be assigned and reassigned as the project moves forward. This video is part 2 of a web site creation training video series. If you want to see Part 1 Click Here!



Web Site Creation Best Use Practice | Bizpad

BizPAD Project Management SoftwareIn this video training of BizPAD we describe a “best practice” for using BizPAD to create a new website and/or the pages of a website.  We show in detail how the project was set up, then a folder structure for each page of the website and last the various tasks to complete the pages of a website.

BizPAD when used properly is the perfect tool for project management software and holding team members accountable.

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