Effective Time Managment

Effective Time ManagmentEffective time managment is tied to success. It is proven statistically that 80% of all businesses fail in the first year!  In a small business, poor management of time can be the biggest culprit and will prevent the business from reaching its full potential.

If you are responsible for operating or managing a business the workday can be long, tiring and frustrating due to poor planning. Time is wasted when you are multi-tasking with little or no organization of your tasks – especially when they are delegated. 

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment you can have when all of your to-do’s are in one neat and organized space – where conversations and accountability can take place.  You can move your business to the 20% column – the one where companies succeed!

BizPad is an effective time managment software program that allows you to organized and delegate tasks, set priorities and store business knowledge.  BizPad works like your team works, it’s an online meeting place with a pad of paper, email and a spreadsheet all rolled into one!

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