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copy BizPAD projectCopy BizPAD projects is one of the greatest features BizPAD now offers to users. In this BizPAD video, see how you can easily create templates, and copy BizPAD projects within our project management software. If you are a coach, trainer, or are managing multiple clients, BizPAD give you the perfect management solution to keeping all of your customers on the same page, in one inclusive place. One extreme benefit is the ability to also choose which items can be copied to your BizPAD projects. Try it for yourself, and make your business and or personal life easier, more efficient and drastically improve your productivity.


Now that you know how to copy BizPAD projects, learn how to enhance your features within BizPAD by watching this video.

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  1. Quent says:

    The actual video isn’t linked to from your post. I think you have an autolinking software that’s there for seo. I had to dig to find your actual video

    Very good, this is what I was looking for! Now that I’ve found your youtube channel I will be watching more.

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