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Event Planning For Dummies

Event Planning. Even that word can be overwhelming, so much to do and prepare and plan for, where do you start!? In this video we explain to you how BizPAD has helped us successfully build a great event with lots of moving parts. Checkout how we did it, and how event planning can be exciting […]


Event Planning LIVE Training With BizPAD

Event Planning has never been so easy! With BizPAD you can now prepare, organize and build templates to use for multiple events, how cool is that!? If you missed our LIVE Training, don’t forget to watch the video about how to use the template we have provided for you. Whether you are planning an event, […]


Event Planning Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Event planning is made easy in this BizPAD training video were we explain event planning with BizPAD’s best use practice. Learn how organizing an event with multiple people can be made easier with BizPAD event planning. Break planning an event into manageable tasks that can be assigned to different team members. Discuss plans about the […]

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