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Build A Project For “Deal Of The Week” – Case Study


Event Planning For Dummies

Event Planning. Even that word can be overwhelming, so much to do and prepare and plan for, where do you start!? In this video we explain to you how BizPAD has helped us successfully build a great event with lots of moving parts. Checkout how we did it, and how event planning can be exciting […]


Manage Tasks – Pre-Written Tweets & Facebook Posts for BizPADer’s to Use

Manage Tasks Hey BizPADer’s here are some one line headlines that you can use to shre BizPAD on Twitter & Facebook.  Just include your affiliate link found in your account on bottom right NAV bar. Thanks for your help in sharing BizPAD! Greg Writer PS A computer wrote these… chance and laugh if needed ————————————————— […]


YouTube SEO Strategy Template With BizPAD

Want To Get Your YouTube Video Noticed? BizPAD Can Help!   Here are some tips for you to use when using YouTube to market your product, service and or business. 1. Create A Branded YouTube Channel This step is often overlooked by small businesses. Having a YouTube channel gives you the opportunity to showcase your […]


Virtual Assistant Training With BizPAD

Virtual Assistant Training with BizPAD is finally here! If you missed the LIVE training here is the replay for you. If you have or are interested in getting a virtual assistant, you need to have BizPAD. It will make a dramatic difference in your productivity and efficiency when training them with an organized system. It […]


Event Planning LIVE Training With BizPAD

Event Planning has never been so easy! With BizPAD you can now prepare, organize and build templates to use for multiple events, how cool is that!? If you missed our LIVE Training, don’t forget to watch the video about how to use the template we have provided for you. Whether you are planning an event, […]


Project Organization With The BizPAD Filter Bar

Project organization isa whole lot easier with the BizPAD filter bar! In this video, you will see the basic training for how to best utilitze the filter bar and it’s options available to you in your BizPAD account. Organization just got a whole lot easier with BizPAD! Our project management software holds you accountable to […]


LIVE Training



Delete An Item, Folder & Project In BizPAD Project Management Online Software

In this video I share how to delete a item, folder and a project in BizPAD’s project management online software program. BizPAD is the webs simplest project management software program in the cloud. It’s so simple anyone can learn the entire program in approximately 10 minutes.


Copy BizPAD Projects

Copy BizPAD projects is one of the greatest features BizPAD now offers to users. In this BizPAD video, see how you can easily create templates, and copy BizPAD projects within our project management software. If you are a coach, trainer, or are managing multiple clients, BizPAD give you the perfect management solution to keeping all of your […]

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