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BizPAD Project Management SoftwareIn this video training of BizPAD we describe a “best practice” for using BizPAD to create a new website and/or the pages of a website.  We show in detail how the project was set up, then a folder structure for each page of the website and last the various tasks to complete the pages of a website.

BizPAD when used properly is the perfect tool for project management software and holding team members accountable.

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  1. @CoachLaura says:

    I love using BizPad for keeping track of all the projects we have going at Social Buzz Club. It’s amazing how easy it is to use with team members. I’ve even recommended it to Virtual Assistants who love using it with their clients. Thanks for the great system.

  2. Georg says:

    Hi Greg,

    Excellent video, shows how great bizpad is in its simplicity. It’s good for managing website building projects but also for managing off line workshops, teams and particular projects.

    Guess you gotta make some more videos for various case studies, like this one went for web builders, other videos may focus on professions such as event planning, coaching, authoring, marketing, etc. This because people have a hard time figuring out the benefits of a tool (bizpad) if not addressing their immediate reality.

    I had a shiver when seeing you zooming in to items, potentially exposing some sensitive data. This genuinely happened and you mentioned it alright, BUT please go right away and CHANGE those exposed pws and share them by email, just in case a new bizpad video may expose them again…

    Sure, I’m paranoid, have to admit that, but there’s a reason to it: cp passwords must be changed BEFORE publishing the videos to youtube, haa…

    All in all, great tutorial video and looking forward for new similar dedicated new videos on this or that walk of life (and business).

    Thank you!

  3. VA-Jane says:

    Great tutorial. Bizpad is very user-friendly.

  4. Whitney Butler says:

    Great Job Greg! Thanks for the explanation.

  5. Lisa Be says:

    The video is helpful. I know the more we use it, the easier it will be to navigate through it. Please continue to share tidbits of helpful information on how to use it. Thanks!

  6. QUent says:

    I love this. Also, one idea that I think is really good for your marketing is to have TEMPLATES you can plug in there. That way you are not only giving us the management tools, you are also giving us the templates that we can edit. Would save us time, money, hassle.
    Top on my list:
    SEO Checklists- Article Writing, Blog Commenting, New Post/Page Optimizing

    Hiring new VAs

    Create New Video from template

    Even if it is way off from what we want, they will help get our juices flowing faster. What do you think?

  7. Orousha says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to train us properly in detail on using BizPad. It’s truly an organizer’s dream software and can only make us all more efficient and productive. I love the indent tab!

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