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How do I join the affiliate program?

In order to reap the benefits of BizPAD’s affiliate program you need to join BizPAD, then you can log into YOUR BizPAD account and click on the settings tab and you will see your custom coded affiliate link.

To sign up for your BizPAD account click here.

What’s the commission structure?

Refer 1 to 5 customers: 10%
Refer 6 to 20 customers: 20%
Refer 21 to 50 customers: 30%
Refer 51 to 100 customers: 40%
Refer 101 & Up: 50%
[So the more people you refer, the bigger the percentage you earn on ALL of your referrals]

Can I get credit for referring people just by using the product?

Absolutely!  You also earn referrals simply by using BizPAD. If you assign a person a task or add them to a project, you get credit for that person if they eventually sign up for one of our paid accounts.

Can I get credit for people I’ve already referred to BizPAD?

If you’ve referred them to BizPAD via BizPAD (by assigning an item to them, or adding them to a project) then you have already earned that referral. How cool is that!? If you told them to check out BizPAD via the phone or without using your affiliate link, then just assign them an item right before they sign up so that you get the referral credit.

What if more than one person refers a customer?

If a customer is referred by more than one person, the most recent referral wins – a standard practice in affiliate marketing.

Can I get credit for referring myself?

If you want to go through the hassle of setting up another account just to refer yourself go for it, but we recommend that you not do that in order to honor another person who may have truly earned the referral.

How do I get paid?

We use PayPal to send money to you. To tell us your PayPal ID, you need to log into your BizPAD account and click ‘affiliate’ in the footer. Here you can select the Set PayPal ID button, and enter in your ID.

How do I get a PayPal account?

Just go to and sign up. It’s easy.

When should I expect payment?

We pay in the 2nd half of the month for transactions recorded the previous calendar month.

Is there a minimum I must earn before I get paid?

Yes, our minimum is $100 just to keep our accountant sane!

I can’t get a PayPal account where I live, what can I do?

Sorry, to prevent fraud and abuse we only pay via Paypal so we benefit from their screening services. We understand this means some legitimate affiliates cannot participate, but at this time PayPal is our only payment option.

Is it possible to see X, Y, or Z on the my affiliate report?

Right now we’re focusing on adding new features to BizPAD. Sometime in the future we do expect to enhance the Affiliate Report, but for the forseeable future, what you see is what you get.

4 Responses to “BizPAD Affiliate Program”

  1. Marvin says:

    Hello, I am a new member and I am loving what I have seen so far. But I gotta say, your response about the legal stuff is extremely harsh. Although I can’t believe you meant it in it’s most literal terms, it could be translated into someone accepting the terms that they could do everything in good faith, earn substantial commissions and you still have the right to not pay them if you so desire.

    That’s not good business even for the mafia. Can you elaborate on why you choose this response to the question?

    • Greg Writer says:

      LOL I agree and by the time you read this it will be changed. THANKS for the feedback! We obviously need it!!

  2. Alex T says:

    As I agree with Marvin about the legal stuff being “extremely harsh”! But the “feedback” is dated 3 Months ago, and I then just have to hope that the “legal stuff” is still not changed, meaning that it is still “extremely harsh”!????

  3. Greg Writer says:

    The ‘legal stuff’ has been removed and that language was not meant in it’s most literal terms. Thanks for checking it out and voicing your concern!

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